Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Welcome to the TransAtlantic Assembly

Today marks the beginning of the work of the TransAtlantic Assembly Blog! The mission of this blog is to participate in blogger pooling of knowledge in a new way...a TransAtlantic way. By pooling the thoughts and resources of U.S. and European (to this date, Italian and a Scot, with more to follow) legal academics and practicioners, we hope to facilitate the communication of legal ideas and perspectives on current events and foreign affairs. In the process, I know that my co-bloggers will provide our readers with exceptional imaginative thought, insight, and humor.

We also intend to act as a clearinghouse for other interesting legal blogging activity. As such, we will provide a daily link to many of the headline posts of leading legal blogs like Instapundit, How Appealing, the Volokh Conspiracy and others (who knows, maybe even the Becker-Posner blog, but first they gotta prove themselves!).

As is the case in most blogs, each co-blogger is responsible for his own content and is free to write about whatever they like. (And in the case of the British educated...free to substitute "sed" for "zed" in words such as "realized").

The talk is over...let's begin!

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