Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Serbia and Montenegro: beware of the country that no longer exists

Serbia and Montenegro will still participate as a single state at the upcoming football World Cup in Germany 2006. Serbia and Montenegro has a solid team that ended up first in the qualifications round (in front of Spain). It is important to point out that they conceded only one goal in the entire process of qualifications. Moreover, for the first time in the last 20 years the coach of the ‘national’ team was successful in creating a magnificent team spirit among the players. Despite the fact that Serbia and Montenegro is playing in the so-called “death group” together with Argentina, Holland, Ivory Coast and despite the fact that bookies consider it a total outsider, the chances of this team are great.

Only once in its history Serbia and Montenegro(then Kingdom of Yugoslavia, comprising todays's independent states of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia) ended up in the World Cup semi finals (in the very first world cup held in Uruguay 1930). This time this is likely to happen. If not for the statistics and bookies previsions then for the shere fact of the romantics. The triumph of the paradox can take place in Germany. Can you imagine a non-existent country playing in the World Cup finals and possibly winning the Cup? If your team did not qualify, or if you do not have preference in terms of the national selection you would like to support, then you have an appealing option, support Serbia and Montenegro (support Yugoslavia), the country that no longer exists.


Bg anon said...

What with the father son scandal world cup preperations hardly began well.

Still its amusing to observe that exactly the same fiasco is occuring in neighbouring Croatia.

Some things never change - apparantly.

Srdjan Cvijic said...

well the son scores goals...I don't think that this destabilized significantly the relationship within the team, more that it left some players who stayed out unhappy...but that is not a problem in terms of the team's argument was very irrational...I thought that was clear:) thanks for your comment

Anonymous said...

I think that the team with its goal kepper will his position in the league!